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Aquarium Real Life 9

real filmed fish, no animation screensaver. Many Swordtails swim excitedly through the water while they are awaiting feed.

Blue Rose

This is the 4th screensaver of the ";Summer Feeling"; serial, which is part of the ";Atmospheric Screensaver"; array. A blue rose is swaying in the wind under white clouds, which sail through the blue sky.


A video screensaver made of seven idyllic, purling creeks and a waterfall with original and relaxing sounds. The videos were taken in the South Alps in North Italy. In the settings panel of the saver you can choose one of seven different start themes

Grazing Sheep

This video shows a flock of grazing sheep on a North Sea levee. Some white clouds are sailing through the light blue summer sky. The sheep walk on green grass, feeding, and sometimes one of them looks up straight into the camera to get to know what\'s going on. They are close to the watcher while they move over the screen. This wonderful calm and ascetic landscape with busy sheep create a peaceful atmosphere.

Guten Tag, gute Nacht

Animated screensaver, a colorful animated world without problems

My Desktop is Living

Mixed Screensaver with animation and real video clips

Ocean Surf

Four kinds of ocean surf are to view on this screensaver, filmed on La Palma. The original sound is to hear or to mute. In the settings panel you can choose one of 4 surfs as start theme, changeable again at any time you want. While running the saver, you can change the theme by pressing a number key (1 – 4) of your keyboard, which does not change the start setting you set up. Relax while watching the foamy water at the shore of La Palma.

Red Rose

This is the 2nd screensaver of the ";Summer Feeling"; serial, which is part of the ";Atmospheric Screensaver"; array. A red rose is swaying in the wind under white clouds, which sail through the blue sky.


Black'n yellow countdown watch in BVB colors

Sea Lion Family

Photo Screensaver. A sea lion baby enjoys a hot summer day, playing with its family, swimming around and diving in the fresh water of the basin.

Sea Lions Dance

The video was taken on a hot summer day, when the sea lions just had finished their lunch. They took their time swimming around leisurely enjoying the fresh water. It seems to be a Sea Lion water ballet. The baby sea lion took pleasure from diving close to the adults, nudging them and play on with another member of the family.


This Photo Screensaver shows the South Alps of north Italy in spring. They were taken on some photo walking-tours in May. Mainly viewers can admire the mountains, but beside this, there are some pictures of typical plants, being in flower.

Summer Feeling

This is the first screensaver of the ";Summer Feeling"; serial, which is part of the ";Atmospheric Screensaver"; array, filmed in the freshness of the seashore. That's what we can see while watching the screensaver. Blooming flowers are swaying in the late summer wind under the light blue sky, where some white clouds sail through. It's a ";pure air atmosphere";.

Surf And Ships

2 Savers in one: 1. Animated, colorful and detailed drawn ships moving around the centre of the screen. Centre composed of real filmed video clips of different ocean surfs. 2. ";Blue Ocean Watch";, for use with 2nd monitor or stand alone.

Yellow Rose

This is the 3rd screensaver of the ";Summer Feeling"; serial, which is part of the ";Atmospheric Screensaver"; array. A yellow rose is swaying in the wind under white clouds, which sail through the blue sky.

2D Gold Clock Screensaver

The screensaver show various analog clock. Having switched on a casual choice you receive new desktop clock at each start. Collection of various desktop clock. Choosing various dial, various arrows, choosing colors for dial and arrows you receive set of variants of analog clock. The most different variants of desktop clock on every day!

3D Ikebana Screensaver
3D screensaver shows a flowers pictures - roses, lilies and tulips with 3d animation. If you love flowers, then 3D Ikebana Screensaver has a unique combination of magical flowers with 3D animation. These extremely delightful and spell bound flowers float on the screen and gradually one flower changes into another providing a 3D effect.
3D Points Screensaver
Plunge into the surrealistic underwater 3d world, consider abstract 3d aquarium. Enjoy mystical beauty of the underwater world. Distract from a reality, plunge into the abstract underwater world, consider mystical aquarium. You will see the strange creations surprisingly similar on real.
3D Snow Screensaver

The christmas screensaver shows 3d snowflakes, snow falling. Celebratory dance 3d snowflakes on your desktop. Everyone the snowflake is individual, forms of snowflakes in accuracy never repeat. Snowflakes can slowly to fall, or, to begin to whirl a snowstorm on your desktop.

Abstract-Pictures Screensaver
The screensaver generates colorful pleasant abstract images. The abstract kaleidoscope will decorate desktop with pleasant pictures.This screensaver shows abstract a pictures animated. Abstract a picture animated similar on mandala.
Assorted Screensaver
Animated abstract images combined from casual geometrical figures of casual color. The surprising symphony of bright colors and gentle images. Magic abstract compositions, in which basis severe rhythmics geometrical figures.
DanceFractal Screensaver
The fractal screensaver show animated abstract images from fractals. Uncountable images of fractals amazing with refinement of lines, grace of forms and harmony of paints. Smoothly varying animated fractals. Unusual pictures, pleasant colors.
Fractal-Mandala Screensaver
The screensaver shows mandala from fractal images with animation. Images of a mandala generated fractal algorithms promotes achievement of a status of contemplation and concentration. Using Fractal-Mandala screensaver you can to create set various mandala wallpaper for your desktop.
Gradient Screensaver
This screensaver show animated gradient color, gradient images. Changes of color combinations renders mystical influence on your mood. Gradient images a little similar on plasma. Changing adjustments, it is possible to pick up intricatest ";laws"; of change and combinations of colors.
Meditation Screensaver

The abstract screensaver show fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers bewitching magic pictures. Abstract elements going in mystical pictures. Meditate to the soothing colorful abstract images. The Meditation screensaver displays fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers bewitching magic pictures.


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