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'Hard Pack' - level pack for Beetle Ju
After destroying all monsters in the first part of the game, Beetle Ju faces new challenges! We are proud to present new adventures of the indefatigable Beetle Ju!
'Monsters Pack' - level pack for Beetle Ju
With your help, Beetle Ju has cleared all obstacles, but now it is time to try your strength again. Beetle Ju will meet with new adventures and sinister monsters in the new Monster Pack.
Arctic Quest 2

Will you attempt to solve 100 challenging inlay puzzles in order to keep Earth from becoming an icy prison? Easy to learn, fun to play and featuring amazing new visuals, Arctic Quest 2 will please fans and newcomers alike!


Fun is one click away when you download our new puzzler!

Tons of fun for everyone in this classic puzzle game!
Beads! You won
Beetle Ju: Bonus Pack
Presenting the all-new Beetle Ju: Bonus Pack! The 25 levels contained in the newly created expansion offer more of the addictive and colorful arcade fun you loved in the original Beetle Ju. To win, you must navigate mazes, push boulders, outsmart nasty monsters and gather all of the treasure on each level. You know the drill! So download the Bonus Pack today and begin an all-new adventure!
Beetle Ju: Gold Level Pack 1
You and the famous Beetle Ju will set out on an all-new earth-digging, stone-falling adventure. The expansion offers fun as well as brain-teasing challenges. Even thoughthe dungeons are full of goofy monsters, we believe you'll defeat them and help our charming Beetle Ju save the day!
Beetle Ju: Gold Level Pack 2
It's time to visit your old chap, Beetle Ju, to help him solve the challenges in Beetle Ju: Gold Level Pack 2. Delve into dungeons swarming with cunning monsters and stimulate the quick reflexes and even quicker thinking you'll need to beat this all-new brain-teasing adventure. Get ready for 25 levels of earth-digging, stone-falling fun!

Beezzle is dripping with honey-sweetened challenges. Play it today!

Bistro Stars

Step up and start filling orders. Customers are waiting!

Bloxx It

Mahjongg-based game with the elements of arcade.

Brain Shaker Level Pack
Carl the Caveman

Help Carl solve puzzles and collect riches in our new logic arcade classic!

Carl the Caveman Christmas Adventures

Who works harder on Christmas than Santa? Carl the Caveman in his new holiday game!

Carl the Caveman Christmas Adventures: Winter Pack
Although the winter holidays are over, Carl the Caveman's adventures continue in a new expansion pack! This time our primitive protagonist, Carl, needs your help pushing rocks, smashing crates and avoiding traps. Can you help him through 50 levels of arcade puzzle challenges?
Wanted: a supreme wizard to save a magical land!
Cube Pusher
Cube Pusher - Push the limits.
Triplex of puzzles challenging your intuition and logic abilities.

Cubozoid is not for the faint-hearted. Take the challenge!

Diamond Drop
Help Jerry the mole to become the owner of the most incredible diamond treasure.
Doctris Deluxe

Destroy viruses in Dr. Smith's lab.

Dragon Puzzle
3D Mahjong Is Three Times More Fun!
Everybody wants to be a super-hero, but some of us have to be electricians. Light the evening city!
Fairy Words
Become a Magician in English with the Fairy Words!

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