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SmartRuler is a ruler and a protractor in smartphone platform. With this tool, you have a precision ruler in your smartphone ,as well as the ability to measure angles. It supports any screen size.
SuperRuler is an indispensable tool for your windows mobile! Not only a ruler, it is also a protractor and an interesting and useful tool for remote measurement. With the ruler function you will find a precise display of centimeters and inches on your phone. SuperRuler is also a protractor which can provide dynamic angle measurement ! SuperRuler is a remote measurement tool which can even measure a tree's height! It can support any screen size, such as QVGA,VGA and also square screen.
MerrySpy Advanced

MerrySpy - A spy software to turn ordinary Nokia S60 phones into spy phones. It's totally different from all other spy softwares, maybe it's the most powerful one!

Cool RingTone Maker
Cool RingTone Maker is a windows desktop application let you make your own ringtones for cellphone or cut music to pieces.
Tabbles Student/Academic

Tabbles : a tag-centered desktop environment

The tabbles are visual tags that behave like virtual folders. Using Tabbles you can categorize your files, folders or internet addresses by placing them to one or more tabbles: it's like tagging but you can drag the files into the the visual tags (tabbles ).

Tabbles is well integrated into the Microsoft Windows environment: categorization can be done using the usual explorer functions, such as copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts.


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