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Vendor: Productivity Scientific
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Product: GTD Timer
Productivity Scientific GTD Timer is a simple and easy to use software countdown timer focused on GTD (Getting Things Done) approach. It is free for personal use. The software designed with excellent ergonomics, perfect design and simplicity in mind. Main features: · Easy to use simple user interface · Implements GTD two-minute rule · Allows to countdown to any period of time as well as to any time moment within a day · Shows time countdown in System Tray and in a floating window · Optimized for running multiple instances at a time · Optimized for ergonomics and management using keystrokes · Configurable to play sound, display message or run command when countdown finishes · Countdown may be paused, stopped or restarted · Uses presets to easily switch between settings· Supports launching from command line with command-line parametersSupported OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/SevenUsage scenarios:· Use GTD Two-Minute rule in your work · Use the timer to limit time budget for any task · Watch time left for completion of some particular task (presentation, auction, rest break, working day) · Use the timer as a personal reminder, alarm clock, stop watch oven timer or egg timer· Run commands at a specified time (shutdown PC, navigate to links, run programs)Freeware edition usage notes: free version is available only for personal use on Home versions of Microsoft Windows and not full version options are available. List of limitations of free version: displays nagging screen, no multiple copies, no preset switching.Fully functional version can be tested for period of thirty days.
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows NT,Windows 9x,Windows Server 2003,Windows 2000,

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