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Software Development :: Debugging
Vendor: Ivan Radovanovic
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Product: Codenizer
Codenizer is tool for detecting possible problems (bugs) before script execution. Codenizer is used to pinpoint possible problematic locations which could eventually lead to bugs in the program -- while debuggers are used to eliminate bugs once they are in the program Codenizer is used to prevent bugs from appearing in the program in the first place. Using Codenizer requires just one extra step from doing things the old way -- after saving your file just invoke Codenizer from within your IDE and you will be presented with its analysis. Codenizer can be easily integrated into many programming editors and IDEs so you can probably use it from within your favorite working environment.
Windows Server 2003,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows NT,Windows 2000,

Currency: EUR
Price: 26.246949497396
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