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Multimedia & Design :: Screen Capture
Vendor: Birsi
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Product: SuperSnap
";SuperSnap"; for Pocket PC has been nominated for both 2008 and 2007 Best Software Award in the category ";Utilities, Screen Capture"; by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!
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Brief Introduction

;cover Application for screen capturing may be necessary in your PocketPC. You can use it to capture your pocketpc screens and share them with others. You can find other tools in this field, but we are confident of telling you that SuperSnap is the best choice! It has a variety of functions listed below.

Normal Capture

;button now You can capture any screen right now by just typing the "Now" button.SuperSnap window will always be top ,so you can freely load your other application and capture its screen.

HandKey Capture

;hardkey setting When you click the "HardKey" button,the supersnap will be in background mode,you can use the predefined button to capture the screen,and use another predefined button to exit from this mode. Note: To use this function, you must set the hardkey map first in the option dialog.

Delay Capture

;button 10 second When you click the "10sec" button,the supersnap window will disappear and appear again after 10sec with the newest screen shot

Auto Capture

;auto setting The most special function about this software may be the "Auto" mode. When you use this mode,supersnap will stay in background and detect whether the current screen has been changed. If it detects the screen changing,it will auto capture the screen and save the file to the folder which you has assigned.

Full Screen View

;button full screen After you have capture one or more screens, a thumbnail will be showed in the middle of windowAfter you have capture one or more screens, you can use "Full" button to view the last captured file with full screen.

Other features

Sound notify! Every capturing will be with a sound like taking a photograph so that you will notice that the capturing was successful! Supports portrait and landscape mode! Works perfectly in different devices and different screen types ,even if you switch between QVGA(320x240),VGA( Hi-resolution 640x480),and RealVGA


;config In the option dialog, you can set the folder to save the snap files. The default folder is My documents. You can also set the folder in your storage card. In the option dialog, you can set the prefix of the snap files. For example, if you set the prefix "mypic", the files in your folder may be like these : mypic001.jpg,mypic002.jpg......In the option dialog, you can set the data format of the snap files. You can either choose "JPG" or "BMP"In the option dialog, you can set the quality of the JPG format.
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