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Vendor: JoomPlace
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Product: Survey Force Deluxe

Our survey tool for Joomla allows you to:

  • Front-end authoring of surveys!
  • Select from 8 types of questions: Likert Scale, Pick One, Pick Many, Short Answer, Ranking DropDown, Ranking Dran'AND'Drop, Boilerplate, Ranking
  • Use the existing or set your own Importance Scale and place it into questions
  • Create user lists (you can do that wither in the component or import from the csv file as well) and Invite Users to take your survey
  • Add different question rules like don't show this question if.. or if the answer is.. jump to question..
  • Set default answers
  • Specify if the question should be compulsory or not
  • Select whether to place a question per page or to have several questions on a page
  • Copy/Move questions/surveys options
  • Create sections with questions
  • Generate PDF reports/CSV reports/Cross reports
  • Prograss Bar option
  • CSS file available
  • Access level restrictions
  • Expiration Date option
  • Language manager
  • Customize the final page of the survey with your feedback or select to place survey results at the end of it

You can change the look of the survey however you want with the help of the presented templates. Each template defines the areas where survey elements will be shown (progress bar, survey’s description, control buttons, question’s text, answers and so on) and the way they will look (the look can be configured either with the help of the CSS file of the survey, or by modifying javascript where survey elements are generated).

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Price: 81.763860966453
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