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Vendor: JoomPlace
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Product: Comparison Chart

Compare anything with this tool and use HTML tags to insert pictures, links or any other useful information in your charts. Developed using AJAX technology for hiding/showing areas in the chart.

  • You can separately create a number of rows/columns and then fill each with the content you require.You can use HTML tags in your charts to insert pictures, links and other things.
  • You can mark each cell with color and one of three pictures (which can you can change by yourself in the component's files).
  • The user can hide columns to see your chart the best way.

Note:Users can add their own rows/columns but they will only be shown once approved by the Admin/Super Admin.

Three modules are included:

  • show x numbers of latest charts
  • show charts in selected category
  • show all categories

& a mambot that shows charts in content items/static pages if you insert a tag.

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Price: 51.758774373259
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