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Vendor: Sanso Enterprises
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Product: SANSO stock analyzer

Investment in stock market requires careful analysis of past and current data. On any trade day, about 3500 stocks are traded in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), more than 3000 in NASDAQ and about 1600 in AMEX. It is, therefore, humanly impossible to analyse the perfrmance of these stocks individually before buying or selling. SANSO stock analyzer is a sensationally powerful program which will hwlp you in this direction. You can analyze the performance of thousands of ;stocks in the matter of seconds and take your decisions. For example, all stocks of NYSE are presented before you in descending order of their gains during the previous day; so is the case with NASDAQ and AMEX. You can analyse to your heart's satisfaction the chart of any individual stock for the past 10 days, 25 days, 125 days 250 days or for any number of days to be fixed by you. There myriads of of rich features making the program unique of its kind.

Dos,Windows 2000,Windows NT,Windows Server 2003,

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