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Utilities :: Security & Encryption
Vendor: CertiVox Limited
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Product: CertiVox Content App Creator - Monthly Subscription

Create Secure Content Apps for your documents and media!

CertiVox is a unique software plus service that enables business professionals and digital publishers to create CertiVox Secure Content Apps for their important documents and media. 

CertiVox Desktop Software packages your documents and media into secure content apps, while the CertiVox on-demand service delivers your packaged apps automatically, providing unparalleled protection, delivery, tracking, control and branding for your content. 

Feature rich, easy to use and immediately useful for both content author and receiver.

Now you can benefit from having the protection, branding and control over your documents and media with features and benefits that usually cost ten times as much for an equivalent on-premise enterprise product!

Forget single function and expensive content security, digital rights management, data leak prevention, file encryption or managed file transfer solutions. 

CertiVox is an innovative product and service that replaces all those solutions put together!

Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,

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