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BatchPhoto is a powerful photo manipulation program that makes it easy to touch-up, annotate, transform, apply effects, and rename hundreds of photos in a single operation. Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, BatchPhoto lets you select a group of pictures, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single operation. BatchPhoto's Graphic Filters: - Annotate: Add Comments, Date&Time, Text Watermarks, and Image Watermarks; - Touch-Up: Adjust Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, Colors, Reduce Noise, and more; - Transform: Resize Photos, Create Thumbnails, Rotate, Crop, and more; - Effects: Apply Sepia, Black & White, Charcoal Sketch, Oil Paint, Shade, Swirl, and more. BatchPhoto's Functionality: - Rename photos with meaningful names; - Convert pictures from one image format to another (more than 100 image formats supported); - Apply profiles on multiple pictures with the right mouse click directly from Windows® Explorer; - Use projects and profiles to improve your productivity; - Take advantage of accurate previews for both the original and the enhanced photos.

Windows 2000,Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,

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