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PCDJ - 2 Time Code Control CD’s
PCDJ - 2 Time Code Control Records
PCDJ - Time Code Control Records and Control CD’s
PCDJ Club Pak - Denon DN-HC4500 w/PCDJ DEX (DJ Midi Controller with PCDJ DEX)
PCDJ DEX & KARAOKI add-on Pak (Save $20 when purchasing as a combo - only $279!)

When purchasing PCDJ DEX with PCDJ Karaoki you save $20 of the normal price!

PCDJ DEX (Box edition)

From now until April 30th, save $20 on PCDJ DEX!  

PCDJ DEX (Download for only $179 until April 30th, you save $20!)

Save $20 on our PCDJ DEX download, valid until April 30th!

PCDJ DEX is a DJ Software application that was designed with both Mobile’s and Club Jocks in mind. Exclusively for audio mixing, its advanced user interface embraces new technology with an old school feel. Use any midi controller on the market and you have an excellent hands-on mixing program that rivals features on today’s top CD players.

PCDJ DEX Timecode Pak

Now offering our PCDJ DEX Timecode Pak! This package, complete with two pieces of our PCDJ control vinyl, two PCDJ control CD’s and the USB Versaport 2 in and 2 out Soundcard, allows you to control PCDJ DEX with your Turntables or CD players of choice. Our PCDJ control Vinyl and CD’s communicate with our PCDJ DEX software via the Versaport Soundcard using ASIO drivers – so you have un-matched real-time and lightning fast control when using either your TT’s or your favorite dual deck CD player! With the new PCDJ DEX Timecode Pak you couple new school technology with an old school feel!

From the Smallest Mobile Gig to the Largest Theatrical Event Take Control with PCDJ DMX
PCDJ KARAOKI (Stand Alone or Add-On for PCDJ DEX and/or PCDJ RED Mobile)

Karaoki is a stand alone solution or add-on for PCDJ RED Mobile and/or PCDJ DEX. Karaoki now works on XP and Vista / 7 (32BIT and 64BIT)

PCDJ RED Mobile (Download)

You now receive 3 RED Mobile installs for 3 different computers with every purchase!   

Designed for Mobile DJ's, by Mobile DJ's! 

PCDJ RED Mobile (Shipped Hard Copy)

Built off of the PCDJ DEX award winning Technology, RED Mobile is lighter DJ software aimed directly at the needs of Mobile DJs. Everything you want to make your job easier, with a clean and user friendly interface that easy to navigate. Use many of the top controllers or a simple keyboard and mouse,langs/en.js"; type=";text/javascript";> your choice!

PCDJ RED Mobile with KARAOKI Add-on Pak (Save $20 when purchasing these items as a combo - only $179!)

Get both PCDJ RED Mobile and PCDJ KARAOKI for only $179, you save $20!

PCDJ UDJ-1 USB Headphones

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