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Business & Finance Multilingual Dictionary
Translate business and finance terms between English, French, German, and Russian.
Dictionary of Computing for Everyone
Expand your knowledge about computer terminologies - look up highly technical computing terms in English and in Russian.
Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations
Get reference on banking and finance acronyms and abbreviations in English/French/German/Spanish/Italian, and in Russian.
Investor's Forget-Me-Nots Dictionary
Learn internationally recognized investment terms in English and in French.
Multilingual Stock Exchange & Investment Dictionary
Expand your stock market and accounting vocabulary - translate stock exchange and investment terms between En, Fr, Ge, It, Sp and Ru.
NATO-Russia Military and Political Dictionary
Military arts reference with 35000+ entries for all military personnel. Learn military and political terms in English and in Russian.

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