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Vendor: KM Sciences Inc.
Homepage: http://www.easylinkmail.com
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EasyCombineMail is an Add-in to your Outlook which allows you to conveniently combine any number of emails from your mailbox.  Anyone who finds it more convenient to view a set of related email messages as a combined message. Simply select any number of email messages from your mailbox using standard highlight and select techniques. Then click Combine in the menu.


EasyExportMail exports any selected emails to an Excel spreadsheet. The exported emails will be organized in chronological order in columnar format. You can also add your comments by inserting additional columns.


EasyLinkMail gives a new look to Outlook by consolidating emails and converts them into real-time conversations. You can instantly see all email conversations, participants, related emails and attachments in one well organized panel inside Outlook. 

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