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Vendor: Prosoftware
Homepage: http://www.pro-software.it
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Pro Email Sender
Managing a newsletter to gain new contacts or only to inform your customers about new characteristics of your services is a growing need.Pro Email Sender is the best solution to send the newsletters to many e-mail destinations.
Pro Email Verifier
Pro Email Verifier is a new and powerful software that can check great quantities of e-mail addresses using owner techniques that guarantee optimum performance.Technical Features: Maximum simplicity of use.Simple and Intuitive graphical interface.The verification process can be suspended and resumed and even saved to a file.Detailed scheduling to a log file for all the verification process.And much more ...
Syncronize Backup
Syncronize Backup (Standard Edition) is a powerful software to protect your data.There are 2 different modes: Backup and Synchronization.This is very easy to configure and offer the maximum flexibility.You can try it for 30 days.Features: User friendly interface. Fully customizable tasks. Detailed task reports, even in chronological order. Quick data copy saving a lot time.

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