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maComfort brings the Mac-experience to Windows, and makes it feel like a MacIntosh!

  • Quicklook (file preview without opening)
  • Spaces (virtual desktops)
  • Active Corners
  • Mac-Hotkeys
  • Key Combinations (Apple-C = Ctrl-C)
  • Themes for different look
  • Plug-In system allows more features.

Perfect for Boot Camp users, Mac-Enthusiasts and people often switching between Mac and Windows!

maComfort Premium
  • Complete theme system: Download and add more themes.
  • Complete plug-in system: More features to customize your experience.
  • Premium Updates: More frequent updates (smaller patches)
    • Premium access: Premium subscribers get updates first.
    • Beta access: Get a look at new versions before anyone else.
  • Premium Support: Quick replies, advanced handling, feature requests.


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