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Vendor: AoAmedia
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Product: AoA DVD Ripper
AoA DVD RIPPER provides a fast and easy way to convert your DVD movies or just the parts of the movie that you want. It copies in high quality AVI (DivX, XviD...), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), WMV, 3GP, MP4, Flash Video (*.flv), VCD and SVCD formats. It also extracts audio tracks from DVD movies (to WAV).With AoA DVD RIPPER, you can take your DVDs on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on your computer, laptop or the following pocket devices on vacation, at work or at school!- Apple iPod Video- Microsoft Zune- Sony PSP- XBOX 360 - Windows Mobile Pocket PC- Creative Zen Vision (and Vision M)- Archos Media Player - HP iPAQ Pocket PC- Windows Smartphone- Video Cell / Mobile Phone- Windows CE handheld device With AoA DVD Ripper you can...- Convert recorded DVD to Windows Media Player compatible. - Convert DVD to AVI (DivX, XviD...). - Convert DVD to MPEG1/VCD PAL/NTSC. - Convert DVD to MPEG2/SVCD PAL/NTSC. - Convert DVD to WMV (Zune, Pocket PC, XBOX 360, Archos Media Player, HP iPAQ Pocket PC, - Creative Zen Vision...). - Convert DVD to iPod (Support new video iPod, at 640 by 480 resolution.) - Convert DVD to PSP. - Convert DVD to MP4. - Convert DVD to Apple TV. - Convert DVD to 3GP. - Convert DVD to FLV (Flash Video). - Convert DVD to WAV - Extract audio tracks from DVD. Alternately, AoA DVD Ripper's Movie Clip feature can be used to save any portion of the audio of a DVD or the entire audio content.Secure your DVD collection. Free to try. Order Now, Instant Key Delivery!Step-by-step Guide: 1. How to convert DVD to Divx? ( http://www.aoamedia.com/dvd-to-divx.htm )2. How to extract DVD clips? ( http://www.aoamedia.com/dvd_ripper_copymode.htm )3. How to convert DVD to WMV? (http://www.aoamedia.com/dvd-to-wmv.htm )4. How to convert DVD to iPod? ( http://www.aoamedia.com/dvd-to-ipod.htm )For more, please visit http://www.aoamedia.com/dvd_ripper.htm .
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows NT,Windows 9x,Windows Server 2003,Windows 2000,

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