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Utilities :: Network
Vendor: Lavalys Consulting Group Inc.
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Product: EVEREST Corporate Edition

Imagine taking the world's most comprehensive physical examination—a massive battery of diagnostics yielding hundreds of pages of precision data. This exam would provide doctors the information they need to treat your health problems while practicing preventive care. If done regularly, these exams would enable you to live a longer, healthier life. Regarding your health, you would feel a deep sense of security… you would feel ";in control";.

Of course, such exams require more time and money than most people have to spend. But what if the doctor could simply wave a magic diagnostic wand over your body, and instantly produce and record the same information? Wouldn't you do it every day? Wouldn't we all?

EVEREST Corporate Edition is the ";magic wand"; for managing and securing your IT assets. With EVEREST Corporate Edition, IT administrators use an “all-in-one” solution to obtain a 360° view of an organization’s IT properties in order to diagnose problems, mitigate risks and plan for the future. To do so, EVEREST Corporate Edition provides important security alerts and information while automating the time-consuming yet critical processes of network audit, system diagnostics, change management, license management, and overall IT administration.

EVEREST Corporate Edition is the most accurate and straight forward network audit solution on the market today. It is used throughout the world by small and large enterprises alike to manage IT networks of all sizes. Join the ever growing list of happy EVEREST customers and reach sky high efficiency for your IT assets!

The Tools You Need For More Efficient Network Audits

Hardware Inventory

The most accurate and detailed hardware information on the market with support for 100,000+ devices. Everything there is to know about your hardware is now just one click away!

Operating System & Installed Software Information

Dynamic software detection keeps track of your machines and what's installed on them. This includes software licenses, drivers, processes, anti-virus definition files, security updates and more.

Change Management

Periodic reports allow you to establish an automated IT change management process in order to analyze and control changes to your IT infrastructure over time.

License Management

Stay on top of your software licensing budget with comprehensive data that helps you keep track of the software licenses you own and use. Purchase only what you need and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Remote Control

Be in charge of your network with advanced remote control capabilities that let you troubleshoot any of your EVEREST-managed computers with a simple mouse click.

Windows 2000,Windows 7,Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

Currency: EUR
Price: 14.95
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