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Vendor: Blue Ridge Networks
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Product: Blue Ridge / Secure AppGuard

Adding AppGuard to Your PC More than Triples the Protection You Currently Get from Your Anti-Virus/Spyware.  Your AV/AS only stops about 25% of Day-Old Malware. Botnets Alter their Malware Code Every 10 Minutes and Retire it within 2 Days, so Your AV/AS Does NOT have a Virus Definition to Detect it.  AppGuard Works Alongside Your AV/AS to Protect Your PC from the Malware that Steals/Destroys Your Passwords, Credit Cards, Identity, Family Photos, Music, Tax Returns, and More.  

AppGuard Protects Your PC When You: Browse Hacked Websites (100,000's of legit sites are hacked at any given moment), use Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn, Open Tainted Documents (pdf, swf, doc, xls, ppt, etc.) or Media Files from Your Friends or Hackers, Click on Email Attachments, Insert an Infected USB Drive, or Run Unpatched Software.  AppGuard uses Extremely Little CPU and Does Not Generate Confusing Prompts Asking You to Make a Complex Security Decision.  

The MBRguard feature, which protects the master boot record from sophisticatedattacks, requires a separate, additional installation, available at the vendor's website/support page. 

Windows XP SP2/SP3 32-bit - Windows Vista SP0/SP1 32-bit - Windows 7, 32-bit

Windows Vista,Windows XP,

Currency: EUR
Price: 19.3
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