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Utilities :: Security & Encryption
Vendor: CoSoSys Ltd.
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Product: Secure it Easy - USB Port Firewall | USB Lockdown | Endpoint Security | Device Control

With the ability to control the use of USB Flash Drive, card readers, digital cameras, external hard drives to prevent them from copying data from your PC or copying unwanted data to your PC.

Everybody that has a portable storage device in hand is able to copy data from your PC to the portable storage device.

You now have the power to stop this.

With Secure it Easy you can set specific permissions for the use of only certain portable storage devices. The devices that you permit for the use on your PC are classified as TrustedDevices and listed in a White List that only you can edit.

If a user that has access to your PC tries to connect a USB Flash Drive that you did not authorize for use on your PC you will be notified by e-mail alerting you of the attempted security breach.

The Secure it Easy USB Firewall allows you to maintain a high degree of data protection on your notebook, home and office PC.

Optionally data that has been copied to a TrustedDevice you can use our portable Carry it Easy +Plus software that will ensure that the portable data is securely encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption.

Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

Currency: EUR
Price: 19.95
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