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Software Development :: ActiveX
Vendor: Jablokov Alexandr
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Product: HqCollection ActiveX Controls
The product contains several ActiveX controls which is built in the application of the user, and intended for input and mapping of a text. Feature of these controls is possibility of limitation, formatting (format) and masking (mask) of an entered text information. The product introduce an effective and powerful mechanism of creation of the various masks, different from existing mechanisms in width of coverage, simplicity and compactness of representation. You can to limit maximum and minimum length of a string, maximum and minimum numerical value in any number system, you can to limit input of the certain characters or a range of characters in any position of a string, you can set positions of characters in a string in which text can not be changed. Having described some mask once, you can use it further by name for construction of more difficult composite masks. The product contains following controls. The HqMaskEdit ActiveX Control is intended for input and mapping of a text and represents a rectangular window which is built in the application of the user (edit box). The HqMaskCombo ActiveX Control is intended for mapping of a text entered by the user and also allows to select a text from the list and represents the rectangular window which is built in the application of the user (combo box). Each of controls gives set of the additional functions, allowing to work with the clipboard, to set various fonts, to change a background and a font colors, supporting automatic scrolling across and verticals and others. The product can be used in all programming languages supporting the ";ActiveX"; technology, among them ";VisualC++";, ";C#";, ";Visual Basic";, ";Delphi"; and others. The distribution kit contains the detailed description of the product, and also samples in various programming languages.
Windows 2000,Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,

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