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Vendor: Birsi
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Product: SmartRuler
Smart RulerWith the ruler screen you will find a precise display of centimeters and inches on your SmartPhone. You must want to make sure how to offer the same scales on different machines with different pixels and different screen sizes. We afford options of common screen sizes in the setting menu, such as 2.0 inch, 2.2inch, so that you can set screen size if it exists in the choices and the program can recognize the dpi (dot percent inch ) automatically. The application will display the ruler based on the screen dpi and the screen size. You can test it with a real ruler and will find there is no difference.Smart ProtractorSmartRuler is more than a precise ruler. It can be a protractor with an angle domain of 0-180 degrees, and full screen mode is also available.Full Screen ModeTo have more screen display area for measurement, SmartRuler can hide the menu bar and the tool bar.
Windows Mobile,

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