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Vendor: Beijing Softlumos Technology Co., LTD
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Product: Twins Backup 4.0

Twins Backup is the most easy-to-use Windows backup software, simply press the F4 key to call the Twins Backup 4.0, it ensures your system recovered from unforeseen events such as viruses, unstable software downloads, or even a boot failure in minutes.

Twins Backup is a HPA-based recovery solution provides a level of flexibility and security that is not available with normal system recovery solution. Simply by separating the system image into the hidden protected area, this solution provides greater protection from backup data loss, unauthorized access and virus/trojan attack. Just backup and forget, Twins Backup will ensure recovery for you.

• Hot backup your entire system
Hot back up your entire System, including the operating system, hardware drivers, applications, and user settings in minutes without reboot.
• Startup Recovery
Simply press the F4 key to call the Twins Backup for system recovery, even Windows has been failed.
• Secure Area
Protect your system by saving an image to a special hidden protected area on your hard disk where cannot be accessed by virus or Trojan horse in Windows.
• Maximum space saving
During the first back up process, Twins Backup will defrag your last partition and create a new one which called Secure Area . The Secure Area is calculated exactly to avoid space waste, all the back up image will be compress to meet the minimum space requirement.

Windows Vista,Windows XP,

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