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Product: PHP Debugger

PHP Debugger is a powerful php project development tool which integrated with PHP code editor and debugger. Without any other php server, you can edit and debug an PHP project with the help of PHP server integrated capable of debugging , after you create an PHP project simply.

Advantages of the PHP Debugger

  • Integrated with PHP server: This software is Integrated with an PHP server which has capable of debugging. Without IIS ,you can run and debug the PHP project after creation .(In fact ,your operation system is completely independent of any PHP server .)
  • Edit with code cue function: The edit interface of the software is a editor of source level ,it specially optimizes the PHP programs , which make it competent to list the member functions and their grammar cues of PHP object integrated .
  • Support breakpoints and step to debug: You can start up your PHP project with breakpoints , step and so on . When the server is executing on the breakpoint(or you're stepping , there are many ways for you to watch the variable values of the current PHP code. We specially optimize the PHP object integrated , which enables it to show more detailed information on the interface.
  • Set Breakpoint: You can set the breakpoint at any line, The PHP code will be break when it run at these Breakpoint lines.
  • Step-In: Execute the following line of PHP code. If the next line of code is a function call, then begin execution at the beginning of the function.
  • Step-Out: Execute program execution until you reach the line of PHP code that called the currently executing function.
  • Step-Over: Execute the current line of PHP code.
  • Watch variables:You can add watches for specific variables or any valid PHP expression.

Key Techniques

  • PHP Debugging Server: The main function of this software is to debug PHP code . It's well known for all PHP developers , a satisfactory development tool is still absent for the time being , which is different from VC++, VC# and VB. Take DreamWeaver for example ,for which the PHP code edit function is available, but it's very inconvenient to debug the PHP program ; You can debug your ASP programs at any time .
  • PHP Source Code editor: There are many static page editors available , however ,an excellent PHP source code editor is scarce . Many developers compile PHP code with EditPlus,Ultraedit and other tools, but the PHP code grammar cue is not applicable for EditPlus , let alone grammar cue for object user-defined.


Windows 2000,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

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