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Utilities :: Security & Encryption
Vendor: Kashu System Design Inc.
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Product: USB Flash Security#

[Install ";USB Flash Security"; to USB flash memory.]
The security release tool will be installed in USB flash memory. So a PC that ";USB Flash Security"; is not installed in it can also release the security.

[USB flash memory is locked by a password.]
A password is necessary to access the ";protected area";, when ";USB Flash Security"; is installed to USB flash memory.

Unplug the USB flash memory from PC, it can be locked by a password automatically.

[It will be the same transfer speed after installing ";USB Flash Security";.]
Files in the USB flash memory will not be coded, so the speed of read and write will not be influenced by installing ";USB Flash Security";.

    ";USB Flash Security"; makes the following two areas in USB flash memory.

  1. Small area about 0.5MB to save ";Release tool";

    There is no room to save the other file in this small area.
    The area to save ";release tool"; is 0.5M Byte that is 1/2000 of capacity of a 1GB USB flash memory.
    It can be access without password, when the USB flash memory is inserted into PC.Data in this area is not protected, so we call the area ";Unprotected Area"; in the following sentences.

  2. Area to save data that you want to protect

    This area is all of the USB flash memory except the ";Unprotected Area";.
    Password is necessary to access this area. This area is protected by a password, so we call it ";Protected Area";.


Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

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