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Product: PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition

PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition

Full Fledged ERP for any type of manufacturing and trading companies including retail sales and CRM.

PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition handles the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, invoicing, and accounting for manufacturing companies as well as service providers. PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition is an ERP software that can aid in the control of many business activities, like procurement, sales, marketing, delivery, billing, production, inventory management, quality management, financial accounting, asset management, human resource management, import and export management.


In the absence of an ERP system, a manufacturer may find itself with many software applications that do not talk to each other and do not effectively interface. Tasks that need to interface with one another may involve:

  • Design engineering (how to best make the product)
  • Order tracking from acceptance through fulfillment
  • The revenue cycle from invoice through cash receipt
  • Managing interdependencies of complex Bill of Materials
  • Tracking the 3-way match between Purchase orders (what was ordered), Inventory receipts (what arrived), and Costing (what the vendor invoiced)
  • The Accounting for all of these tasks, tracking the Revenue, Cost and Profit on a granular level.

With PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition, change how a product is made, in the engineering details, and that is how it will now be made. Effective dates can be used to control when the switch over will occur from an old version to the next one, both the date that some ingredients go into effect and date that some are discontinued. Part of the change can include labeling to identify version numbers.

Computer security is included within PERPS v5.0 Enterprise Edition to protect against insider crime, such as embezzlement.

The above application support data synchronization in real time between multiple locations.
We can install, configure and support all your locations in real time from any of our centers in India through remote access if you have a good Internet connection.
The above applications also can be integrated with various hardware interfaces.

Windows 2000,Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

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