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Product: PERPS v5.0 Manufacturing Lite

PERPS v5.0 Manufacturing Lite

A Business Application, which covers all business and financial processes of small size manufacturing companies.

Small to medium-sized manufacturing companies face unique challenges when it comes to implementing software packages for resource planning and management. Like many small businesses, small manufacturing companies often limp along with outdated software applications. This is due to the fact that comprehensive solutions can take up valuable company resources during the installation and training processes. While this situation often costs small businesses money, the alternative of a software upgrade is often seen as too time-consuming to consider.

In order to meet the needs of a small business without causing a temporary breakdown in operations, PERPS v5.0 Manufacturing Lite has been designed for ease of use.

PERPS v5.0 Manufacturing Lite is designed to handle industry-specific tasks. PERPS v5.0 Manufacturing Lite is able to accommodate not only basic accounting and invoicing functions, but also includes modules for floor-worker check-ins and specific job and supply-chain management. This business application is completely customizable to fit the specific segment of the production market in which it does business

The above application support data synchronization in real time between multiple locations.
We can install, configure and support all your locations in real time from any of our centers in India through remote access if you have a good Internet connection.
The above applications also can be integrated with various hardware interfaces.

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