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Vendor: CoGen Media Co., Ltd.
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Product: eBoostr Pro

eBoostr 3.0 Pro
eBoostr is an innovative software application that runs in the background and utilizes flash memory devices such as USB 2.0 sticks or flash cards as additional memory to speed up your PC.

By building an intelligent buffer, eBoostr continuously detects most commonly used files and applications and makes the PC load them from fast flash memory instead of the hard drive. The much faster access times of flash memory over hard drives makes the PC more responsive and faster. Best of all, eBoostr continues to optimize the performance permanently and is in constant learning mode. eBoostr can manage up to four flash devices in parallel to speed up PCs.

Key features and highlights

Launch Favorite Applications Faster

The more often you use a particular application, the faster it will load and respond. eBoostr learns what applications you use and how often, optimizing their performance by pre-caching their files and data and allowing faster access speed and reducing delays.

Boot and Work Faster

By pre-caching files used when your system boots eBoostr makes Windows load faster, significantly reducing the time your computer needs to boot.

No System Hardware Upgrades

There is no need to disassemble your PC, let alone your laptop or netbook, in order to upgrade its performance. eBoostr gives your PC a noticeable performance boost without costly hardware upgrades. Just plug in one or more flash memory drives, install eBoostr and say “Yes” to a faster and better PC experience.

Use existing RAM more effectively

eBoostr makes use of the otherwise wasted free RAM of your PC to store frequently accessed files and data. Every time you launch your favorite application, it will start and perform much faster than ever before. If your computer has over a 1GB of RAM, you’ll see a significant performance increase.

Speed up your laptop and netbook

Upgrading a laptop or netbook is difficult and costly, but not with eBoostr. Laptop hard drives are typically slower than their desktop counterparts, thus laptops and netbooks benefit even more from eBoostr’s use of flash memory and the resulting reduced hard drive activities.

Save battery power

Work longer when running on battery mode. Less hard drive access results in reduced power consumption, which leads to improved battery life. Work faster and longer on your Windows laptop or netbook with eBoostr.

Prioritize favourite applications

Now you can decide which applications you’d like to be loaded into the cache for more acceleration. To give a priority for an application of your choice just drag-and-drop it from the list of detected apps or drag-and-drop an application shortcut from your desktop or start menu into the accelerated applications list.

Faster and more accurate buffer technology

New and improved overall read speed and better performance. New “flood control” feature detects massive file read requests from an antivirus, anti-malware scans, local computer search utilities etc. This ensures that eBoostr's cache contents include only performance relevant files and data.

Benchmark tools included

Two benchmark tools are included to measure your new system performance. Both tools try to emulate the typical system and applications activity and measure the speed difference with eBoostr disabled and enabled.

Other highlights

    * Windows XP/2000 users benefit from performance technologies similar to ReadyBoost and SuperFetch previously only offered under Vista or Windows 7;
    * Full Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility;
    * Smart caching of frequently used applications and files for maximum performance;
    * Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices (SD, Memory Stick, MMC, xD, CF and other memory cards), as well as additional hard disks and SSD drives;
    * Supports up to 4 devices for simultaneous smart caching;
    * Cache file size of up to 4GB on each device (NTFS has no limit on the size);
    * Compatible with all “Enhanced for ReadyBoost” devices.
    * Supports Intel Turbo Memory (Vista and Windows 7 only)

Supported Windows versions and system requirements

    * Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7
    * USB 2.0 port or an external card reader; USB 2.0 flash drive or memory card

Windows Mobile,Windows 7,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,

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