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Vendor: Neurophonics
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Product: The Perfect Health Generator

Thee Perfect Health Generator
Neurophonics Audio

by Dr. Mel Gill

“Now You Can Enjoy
Perfect Health
Everyday In Everyway”

The Perfect Health Generator is Nature’s answer to the rising costs of Doctor and hospital bills.

With so much pollution in our air, water and food supply, our bodies need a boost to defend against hazards and free radicals all around.

When you listen to this remarkable audio with the strong instructions embedded in the music, your body will naturally regenerate itself cell by cell, you will become lean and your  body will burn fat and build muscle automatically, you will unconsciously crave healthy foods and exercise more regularly.

You will also eliminate toxins quickly and easily, rest more deeply, increase your body’s natural healing powers, create a perfect balance of regenerative energy and thoughts that will add zest to your everyday living. You will feed your body with whole foods, oxygen and water and automatically increase your energy, enthousiasm and vitality. All the cells of your body will exist in harmony and peace with every other cell. Give yourself a powerful immune boost today. You deserve to experience perfect health today.  You deserve to look more attractive and explode with massive amounts of energy and live a full and healthy life now.

There is over 70 years of solid research behind NeuroActive Technology™. So why hasn’t it become more well known? Mainly because our culture is very much dependent on drugs and in comparison to the pharmaceutical giants there is not a lot of money to be made in entrainment: it is inexpensive, easy to use at home and can be a viable solution to a huge variety of problems. Also, the idea that Soundwaves or an inexpensive piece of hardware is able to directly affect the brain sounds preposterous at first., until you read the research and discover the science behind it. We have found that most people are skeptical until the day they actually use Neurophonics ™. Despite the combination of solid scientific, empirical and huge amount of anecdotal evidence, the world is still very skeptical of entrainment and brain training. But the word is spreading. Every day more Psychologists, Mental Health Clinics, Coaches, Teachers and many other Professionals are discovering Neuroactive Technology™ and finding it remarkably magical.

Note: This product is available as an mp3 download from the Neurophonics Private Member's Area.

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