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Vendor: Neurophonics
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Product: MDRT NOW

Neurophonics Audio

by Dr. Mel Gill

“Now You Can Realize Your MDRT
Dreams With Ease”

MDRT NOW!! Is the only tool you need in your arsenal to take you DIRECTLY to the ranks of the MDRT.

The subliminal messages within this CD will propel you to set and achieve goals, adjust your inner attitude to attract Mega Sales and Abundance, commit to your long-term personal growth, break through barriers, accept change, take action, eliminate negative thinking, tap into your creativity, master the art of influencing people, to buy only from you, strengthen your relationships, maximize your productivity, outshine your competition, become an irresistible and charismatic person brimming with power and confidence as you automatically accelerate towards the Million Dollar Round Table.

You will become fearless, courageous and bold, handling rejection effortlessly whilst radiating an Aura of peace, happiness and wealth to attract the very same into your life. You will focus on results. You will become magnetic and driven. You will create massive financial abundance and you will have more fun as you do so. And you will do all this automatically and magically while becoming a people and money magnet.

There is over 70 years of solid research behind NeuroActive Technology™. So why hasn’t it become more well known? Mainly because our culture is very much dependent on drugs and in comparison to the pharmaceutical giants there is not a lot of money to be made in entrainment: it is inexpensive, easy to use at home and can be a viable solution to a huge variety of problems. Also, the idea that Soundwaves or an inexpensive piece of hardware is able to directly affect the brain sounds preposterous at first., until you read the research and discover the science behind it. We have found that most people are skeptical until the day they actually use Neurophonics ™. Despite the combination of solid scientific, empirical and huge amount of anecdotal evidence, the world is still very skeptical of entrainment and brain training. But the word is spreading. Every day more Psychologists, Mental Health Clinics, Coaches, Teachers and many other Professionals are discovering Neuroactive Technology™ and finding it remarkably magical.

Note: This product is available as an mp3 download from the Neurophonics Private Member's Area.

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