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Vendor: jameslee
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Product: Wlording AntiSpyware

Features & benefits

Why Choose Wlording AntiSpyware?

  • Most comprehensive antispyware solution available - 360 degrees of protection
  • Continuous monitoring stops spyware before it can attack
  • Advanced detection and removal capabilities for stubborn spyware
  • Automatic defense updates keep you protected from the latest threats
  • FREE customer support

    Advanced Detection and Removal
    Wlording AntiSpyware's advanced detection and removal capabilities are effective at fully removing spyware that is notorious for being difficult to eliminate.

    Real-Time Threat Protection
    Wlording AntiSpyware Shields block sophisticated spyware threats real-time, before they can infect your PC. This new version of Wlording AntiSpyware advances the industry-standard in spyware blocking, stopping threats like Trojan-Downloader-LowZones and SpySheriff from ever installing in the first place. With Wlording AntiSpyware on your side, you can easily keep your PC spyware-free.

    Enhanced Rootkit Discovery Methods
    Malicious spyware uses rootkit technology to bury its files deep within your PC. Wlording AntiSpyware can finds and destroys these programs with Anti SSDT Hook method.

    Wlording AntiSpyware installs quickly and easily. The intuitive interface lets you quickly set the right level of protection in just a few simple steps. Your security constantly runs in the background so you are free to work or play online the way you want to.

    Minimal Impact on Computer Performance
    Your security is optimized for speed and efficiency, but not at the expense of protection. Scanning can be initiated in the background or after hours to minimize any impact to desktop performance.

  • What Customers Are Saying

    Wlording AntiSpyware is the best choice for protecting yourself and your PC from spyware. I use it and recommend it.
    - Kim Komando

    I just wanted to say a huge;THANK YOU for your product. I had a problem born of a guest using our computer (and downloading software and playing games online and going who knows where) that I could not resolve for weeks. I tried Windows CareOne, Spybot, Pest Patrol, Windows Defender, SpySubtract, Ad-aware, Zone Alarm, Norton Anti Virus, and a few I can't remember, and all the updates I could find for all of them, not to mention trying system restore and troubleshooting EVERYWHERE! You were saying you could eliminate this, I took a $40.00 chance, and am now nothing short of ESTATIC! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    - C.H., Lindenwold, NJ

    The best program I have used is Wlording AntiSpyware. I have found the software to be exceptional and I strongly recommend this software.
    - Biz Journal

    The level and quality of support was the best I've come across...
    - PC Pro

    ..adding Wlording AntiSpyware to your arsenal is a smart decision.
    - PC Today


    Windows Vista,Windows XP,

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