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Product: The Science Of Being Well

The Science Of Being Well
Neurophonics Audio

updated, revised & read by

Dr. Mel Gill

“Timeless Wisdom and a Practical Health Improvement
Program From Another Forgotten 1910 Ancient Classic”

This second book is part of the Wallace Wattles trilogy and deals with ALL aspects of Health and the generation of a real sense of well-being in the body.

This amazing guide shows you a simple and profound secret of health that the Masters of Life have known for centuries. And this SECRET is contained within the beautifully read chapters of this Neurophonics Audio.

Once hearing it, you can never go back to a life of pain, ill health and disease. This powerful message in what you hear teaches you several ways to develop a consciousness of pure health, lose weight automatically, reverse a disease and to look and feel your best at all  times.

Much of the movie “The Secret”, was based on the Wallace Trilogy; The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great and this amazing classic, The Science of Being Well.

Join now the millions who have enjoyed full health and longevity by listening to the message in this album. Remember that you hold your destiny in your hands…Now!

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