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Product: The Science Of Being Great

The Science Of Being Great
by Wallace D. Wattles

updated, revised & read by
Dr. Mel Gill

“Timeless Wisdom and a Practical Charisma and Leadership Development Program from a forgotten 1917 Ancient Classic”

This third book is the final part of the Wallace Wattles Trilogy and gives us an insight into the leadership secrets of Great Men and Women through the ages. This amazing and life-changing audio book shows us a step-by-step, practical and easy way to assimilate and incorporate the leadership traits of great people and leaders through history. In this audio program, Dr. Gill reiterates Wallace’s position, that Genius, Character, and Greatness are attainable by anyone willing to put the principles of this audio program to work. It was Goethe, the German philosopher, who reminded us that “Greatness comes to those who have the power to imagine greater things”. Like Napoleon Hill’s 100 million copy best-seller, Think and Grow Rich, this transformative book will dramatically and irreversibly change your life for the better. Stand out from the crown now! Decide now! And unleash the great leader that was always inside you today!

This audio version has been updated and recorded by Dr. Mel Gill, with very powerful subliminal embedded commands from the extremely powerful fields of Ericksonian hypnosis and the covert mind transformation technologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. These subliminals target the “Learning Centers” of the brain with a NeuroActive ™ patented process to further enhance the Automatic Absorption of this audio book and to irresistibly draw Wealth, Success and Opportunities into your Life… TODAY!

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