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Vendor: MobileTimes
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Product: FoneWatch

Offers 3 different levels of recording quality.
Support for non-touch screen Mobile Phones.
Includes the recorded phone call export tool FonePCExtract.  This MobileTimes FoneWatchcommand line utility for Windows 2K, XP, and Vista allows you to export all your recordings onto your PC via ActIveSync.  All recordings are exported as standard wave files (play back with Windows Media Player, or edit with third party audio tools).  This tool also includes an option for automatic noise removal. Transcription, review, or editing of recorded phone calls is now easier than ever.
If a PC is not available, device storage is limited, or you want others to listen in to your recorded phone calls, an automatic E-Mail Send option is now available.  Simply, specify an outgoing E-mail SMTP/IMAP4 account, a list of receiver addresses and FoneWatch will forward all recordings as standard wave files the moment they are recorded.
Automatic audio gain adjustment, and normalization of recordings for improved quality on certain mobile devices.
Support for CF cards to store your audio data.All incoming and outgoing phone calls are recorded and stored in a database for easy viewing and play back.  
Very good SNR/Storage.  High quality recordings even in high ambient environments (noisy traffic intersections, loud background music, etc.).  At the same time, FoneWatch exhibits  a very small storage footprint.  
Open SQL-format database used for storage.  Allows easy access to all data from third-party SQL-aware applications (For ALL Windows platforms!).  Or use our very own FonePCExtract utility!
Ready to use out of the box.  No twiddling with parameters, options, etc.  The moment you start the application, it is ready to operate.  It does not got any easier then this!
Intuitive user interface.  No funky and hard to decipher toolbars, loads of menus and option dialogs.  Just one single form shows all relevant information, allows recorded call retrieval, playback, etc.
All stored phone calls are fully searchable (by phone number, time/date, etc.) with the advanced search utility FindUs.
Play back, Pause, Resume, and Stop of all recorded messages.
Fast Forward and Backward during play back (about 1 minute chunks).
To summarize: simply a no fuzz application that does everything it should at a more than reasonable registration price!

Multi-Lingual User Interface.

Windows Mobile,

Currency: EUR
Price: 8
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