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Vendor: Virtozo
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Product: ConsultSis

ConsultSis is a great tool to expand your business or even to start a new business or service. ConsultSis allows you to conduct:

  • remote video consultations where customers get professional advice from doctors, lawyers, financial and personal advisors or other experts
  • video training with students from various places with no travelling costs


and many other video consulting opportunities…


All these features are available to all users of ConsultSis:


100% Flash, web-based video consultation (no downloads or java required):

    • Live video call
    • Web chat with font editing
    • Full screen button
    • Start camera button
    • Start/Stop recording button
    • Open customer’s profile button
    • Microphone/Speaker volume
    • Duration of video consultation, accumulated payment and other customizable statistics

Pay per view - customers are charged per minute or per consultation, depending on their preference or the administrator’s settings

Per-minute and per-consultation fees can be individually set by each one of your employees

Display status  - Online, Offline, Busy – shows your availability and lets users wait in line for you to become available and take their call

Detailed profiles of you or your employees which your customers can review to select the best person to contact including personal and professional qualifications, uploaded documents, specialties (e.g. medical, financial), etc. Profiles can be written in any number of languages and can be tied to the language of the website, currently set by the customer.

Easy-to-navigate menu that allows customers to sort your employees based on a number of criteria: fee, specialty, rating, etc.

Recording of all video consultations, storing them for future reference and replaying them at any time available both for you and for your customers

Detailed customers’ profiles (e.g. medical records, financial statements, uploaded documents) which you can access during the video consultation. This way you have the most up-to-date customer’s information right in front of you just when you need it.

Rating system so customers can rate and comment on your services, employees or individual video consultations. Thus you can reward your employee’s performance and get feedback about the quality of your services straight from the customer.

Messaging system to allow customers and employees to send each other messages

Scheduling system to allow employees to create schedules with their availability and customers to make appointments with them

Integrated methods of electronic payment to set how customers pay you - via PayPal, credit/debit cards, wire transfer, etc. Customers’ payment is done in advance to ensure your financial security.

Recommendation system to allow customers to send referrals of your employees to their friends

Virtual help desk to direct customers to the person suitable for their needs and to answer technical questions

Favorite groups – customers can “favorite” your employees to find them more easily

Data from the video consultations, accessible by customers and employees in their profiles, organized in a table with the following parameters

    • Date
    • Customer/employee
    • Length of consultation
    • Amount spent by the customer
    • Per-minute/per-consultation fee
    • Commission (the percentage commission subtracted from the earnings by the website owner)

Administration panel

    • set the minimum and maximum employees’ per-minute and per-consultation fees that are allowed
    • approve employees after they register and before they can start working
    • approve customers’ payments
    • create/edit/delete employee’s categories (e.g. cardiology, surgery, etc)
    • set a percentage commission that can be subtracted from employees’ earnings accumulated through the website
    • send employees’ their accumulated earnings
    • customer data, organized by any parameters you choose
    • employee data, organized by any parameters you choose

Latest encryption and security technologies used to protect users’ privacy

Personalized design to match your website appearance

Ongoing technical support

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