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Vendor: Horizon DataSys
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Product: FirstDefense-ISR Server Edition
The FirstDefense - ISR application is ideal for immediate recovery of any server whether it is stand-alone or clustered. It increases the availability of the server by significantly decreasing the recovery time following a software failure of any type. Although multiple servers can exist to reduce downtime resulting from hardware and software failure, the downed server must be quickly restored to return 100% capability of the load-balanced system. If a clustered server encounters an OS failure, and the network traffic is switched to the standby server, the time it takes to repair the failed server becomes critical. FirstDefense - ISR offers the advantage of minimizing the MTTR and service time, and provides the most efficient available method for first line of defense. RAID SupportFirstDefense - ISR functions well with hardware striping and redundancy solutions (RAID 0, 0+1, 5), complementing this environment without modification to the disk array. An important characteristic of redundant disk arrays is that they do not protect against software corruptions or deleted files. What happens on the system drive is faithfully copied to the mirrored drive or drive array. Redundant disk arrays and mirroring were designed to protect against drive failure (hardware); they do not protect, or recover from, system software problems/corruptions. If critical system files, such as the Windows registry, low-level drivers, etc. become corrupted, thereby rendering the system unbootable, the disk array offers no benefit for system recovery. FirstDefense - ISR is therefore crucial, because operating system failures occur more frequently than disk drive failures.
Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista,

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