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Vendor: Opus Flow BV
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Product: CRM for Outlook (base license)

Create and send personalised documents (letters, faxes and emails) from the Outlook ® addresscard. * Track your appointments, tasks and activities in relation to your contacts; * Track your letters and mailings directly from Outlook ®; * Plan actions and follow up on phone calls, documents or emails you and your team receive; * Share all customer information in your workgroup environment; * Work together with your colleagues in Group Tasks and Group Activities; * Work off-line. To share all your information with your colleagues, Exchange Server is not needed! If you do use Exchange Server then OpusFlow CRM will prevent those nasty ";Mailbox full"; warnings because all data is stored where it should be: on a hard disk and not using valuable Exchange Server resources.

Windows 2000,Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows Server 2003,

Currency: EUR
Price: 269
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