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Vendor: Felicia Pascalau
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Product: Spar Bot v1.0 ( Pro Edition ) License for 3 months
Spar Bot v1.0 ( Pro Edition ) is a program used to automatically play poker in an Internet poker game with an Intelligent Decision Engine. It is programmed to play in a certain way based on mathematical formulas. Hour after hour, as long as the game continues, the bot plays tirelessly on. You do not need to know anything about poker to win. Simply let Spar Bot rake pot after pot while you take a nap or go out with the dog. Spar Bot has very high IQ. It's way better than the average poker player since it has been trained on over 500MB of hand history. Take your chance and get your extra income. It's worth some mouse clicks.
Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 9x,Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista,

Currency: EUR
Price: 105.01780307618
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