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Vendor: Pegasus Systems Group
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Product: ERWizard.NET
The most valuable asset any individual or business has, particularly during an Emergency, is time. In fact, as recent events too clearly demonstrate, the judicious expenditure of the initial hours of an emergency means the difference between life and death. We are committed to helping others to make these critical hours a life saving event for those they serve.It is an unfortunate fact of the 21st Century that Emergency Response planning has become unavoidable. Business leaders around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the critical need to raise the safety questions that we ask during the Plan preparation phase. World events have made it clear at every level that not to do so has simply become unacceptable.We provide a software product that will create a fully customized Emergency Response Plan.
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows NT,Windows 9x,Windows Server 2003,Windows 2000,

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