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Audio & Video :: Video Tools
Vendor: BlazeVideo Inc.
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Product: Blaze Video Magic
Convert VideoSplit large files into smaller video clips to fit your device’s memory.Why convert one file at a time? Choose a number of files to convert at once – plus you can add or delete from the list if you change your mind.Monitor the conversion process in real time with the information displayed on screen.Converts files into formats compatible with PSP™ and iPod® (MP4), smartphones (3GP), Windows® Media (ASF), and XviD (AVI).Convert MusicThe intuitive program can convert any audio file into an MP3 format so you can play your favourite music on your portable device and not be restricted because your file isn’t compatible.Video Magic 2 is perfect for extracting your favourite movie sound tracks!Get optimum results! Choose from a number of conversion options from CD quality to high definition, or define your own specific options.Convert PhotosPreview pictures in the mini display window so you know which files you’re converting.Choose a number of image files and select the resolution and quality settings in order to create the best conversion.Convert still image files, Windows® Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG), GIF (.GIF), Tagged Image Files (.TIF, .TIFF) and PNG (.PNG) for viewing on your hand held devices.Benefits of Blaze Video Magic 2:Simple installation and user-friendly layout makes the process straightforward and easy.Handy preview window lets you see or listen to the file before you begin the conversion.Keep track of the conversion process in real-time with the information displayed on screen.Supports a number of different file conversions and is compliant with a range of multimedia players.Personalise your video output by choosing your own setup options.
Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 9x,Windows Server 2003,Windows 2000,Windows Vista,

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