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Vendor: Diet Success
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Product: Diet Success Planner
Being healthy is really about having a proper weight. With Diet Success Planner you can have both, health and proper weight, easilly.Diet Success Planner will tell you:- The amount of calories your meals have- How much calories you have burnt- Your BMI (Body Mass Index) and whether it is proper or not- Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)- What is your ideal body weightDiet Success Planner will let you:- Calculate your daily intake and expenditure of calories.- Take advantage of its large database with over 7500 groceries and 110 activities- Learn what all these numbers and abbreviations (like BMI, BMR...) means- Plan your daily intake and track your diet with charts and more!Diet Success Planner will do all these for you easily, and what is more important - effectivelly.
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