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Vendor: GraFX SRL
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Product: PLESK Crash Recovery - SERVICE

Many times the hosting server crashes with PLESK either because of a hard disk, a virus or because the server was hacked. In these cases you need to recover the last data from the hard disk. Let’s see some of the problems usually came across. “I have a server of approximately 50 domains. Yesterday one of the clients’ applications was hacked, a troian was inserted to the server and the team from the datacenter told me I have to reinstall the operation system. They put my old hard disk in the new server, but it is my duty to recover the data. I have a backup made with PLESK one week ago, but I would like to have recovered the last data from the server. What can I do. Datacenter will reinstall Linux with PLESK.” “I have over 150 domains, yesterday I did something to the server and today it wouldn’t boot. I have reinstalled Linux with PLESK, but with the new 8.3 PLESK, not the 8.1 that I’ve had before and I also want my latest data. What can I do? I have access to the old hard disk, it is installed.” These kind of problems occur almost day-to-day, we hear them, we read them on forums and almost always the recovery of the data, especially the last ones, not the one week backup, is made manually. Why manually? The templates have to be recreated, the clients and the domains of these, the databases, the mail users (they can be hundreds of users) have to be recreated, the data from the old server have to be remade (database, web pages and not the last the unread e-mails), and this is not an easy thing to do, taking into account that the users will try to read their emails using the old passwords. If we succeed in convincing the owners of the domains that we changed their passwords, the mail users will not be easy to contact and to be convinced.


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