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Business & Finance :: Project Management
Vendor: Epiforge Software
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Product: Grindstone
Grindstone is an application that seeks to fill a roll that is commonly unfilled in most areas in which it would actually be highly applicable. The typical modus operendi of project management software is to focus on the needs of managers and provide detailed reports, charts and graphs derived from the timing data provided by workers. This application steps into the process before that point, offering the workers themselves a highly usable and unobtrusive method to dramatically increase the accuracy of their time sheets while simultaneously decreasing the effort it takes to produce them. Grindstone allows users to enter a defined set of tasks as easily as it would be to type them up in an e-mail (by way of it's ";Outline Edit"; feature). It allows you to reorder, prioritize, and manipulate the hierarchy of those tasks in any way you wish. It also features a nearly effortless method of time-tracking via it's innovative ";Stopwatch"; feature. And finally, it's ease of use in quickly producing time sheets and even invoices may be second to none in it's field.
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows Server 2003,Windows 2000,

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