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YPL File Manager Professional

YPL File Manager is a straight-forward application that will help you manage your files. It allows users to search millions of files in seconds. Its creative Intelligent Index Algorithm (IIA) technology provides a world’s leading full-disk, full-text and real-time file index and search ability.  YPL File Manager will save you a lot time and take a total new file management experience to you.

[Main Features]

Multi-Tabbed. Unlimited tabs to manage different directory in one application window.

Collaborate with Windows Explorer friendly. You may click ‘Explorer Here’ at any directory to launch Windows Explorer to open it, and you may drag & drop files between them.

YPLSoft’s Intelligent Index Algorithm (IIA). Extreme high index & search speed, extreme low disk space cost, real-time and full-disk file index, international language support, support for popular formats. e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.

Multi layout. Four predefined layout for different users preference.

Advanced navigation. Like the Explorer of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you may click every path node or its navigation dropdown menu to save more time.

Quick filter. With quick filter, it’s easy to locate or filter files in the file list in a flash. E.g. If you press the key ‘c’ in the file list, all files/folders except starting with a C will be hidden, so that you could find what want more easily.

Mini add-on file list. It could be showed or hidden in the right of application layout. With the dual panels of file list, it’s more easily to manage files, e.g. You may drag & drop files between them to copy/move files.

Directory bookmarks. Users could save 9 bookmarks for directories, and then press Ctrl+1~9 to navigate them, that will save many time for you..

Grouped & filtered detail view. When managing files, it’s the clearer to list files group by the file types.

20 Skin built inside. Very individual, very cool!

Windows Winset

Windows Winset is an all-in-one system utility to optimize,clean up,maintain and speed up your PC.Include a lot of power tools to daily use.


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